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Every Detail Counts

Have you ever received a gift that’s one size fits all only to discover the one size definitely wasn’t yours? So why settle for a one size fits all house when Brookfield Custom Homes can create your dream home? Indulging your wants and desires, your whims and your fancies, your new home will reflect the qualities important to you. Not “everyone else”. A popular series of books offers readers this advice: Don’t sweat the small stuff. While that’s certainly sound advice for many, at Brookfield Custom Homes, we admit to having those books on the shelves. When it comes to the home you’ve dreamed of, we do “sweat the small stuff.” (In fact, we even sweat the “really small stuff!”)

Its Your Home

We focus on understanding your needs, ideas and desires. We offer advice. Most of all, we listen carefully to your dream. And rest assured, we do whatever it takes to make it come true.

Precision Design

All aspects accounted for

Brookfield painstakingly attends to every detail of the homebuilding process. From “let’s get started” to “here’s the keys” we work on the “small stuff” every step of the way.

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